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Do you suffer from low back, neck or having shooting pain in arms and Legs? Non-surgical spinal decompression in Greensboro NC may be your answer! Call today to find out how others avoided pain and surgery with this safe and effective treatment. Call (336) 299-3037 now!

Spinal Decompression with our Greensboro NC Chiropractor

At Williams Chiropractic & Decompression Center P.C. We offer quality chiropractic care to help ease your pain, increase your mobility, and relieve the pressure in your back and joints. If you are considering visiting a doctor for your chronic neck and back pain, come see us to enjoy the proven results with chiropractic spinal decompression.

Research Supports Spinal Decompression

There have been studies backing the value of non-surgical spinal decompression. In the Orthopedic Technology Review Journal article, Surgical Alternatives: Decompression, the study they reported indicated that out of 219 patients who said they had immediate pain and pressure relief, 84% of those did not have a relapse of pain in the next 90 days. These findings are promising for the scientific field of spine pain relief, and life changing for the patients who were suffering before the decompression treatment.

The American Journal of Pain Management reported similar findings with relief in 86% of the patients with Herniated Disks, Back Pain, and Sciatica Nerve problems, and Good results for 75%of the Patients with facet syndrome

The Journal of Neurological Research reported a 71% success rate in a trail of 778 cases, and in a small study reported by Anesthesiology News they found that 52% had a pain level of zero, 91% were able to resume their normal daily activities, and 87% were able to resume work or retirement activities.

These studies speak for themselves of the effectiveness of the treatment, right away and in the fist year. But the long term studies are promising as well. In a study to determine long-term results of vertebral axial decompression they found that 71% showed more than 50% pain reduction right away and 86% showed 50% or more pain reduction four years later, with 52% reporting zero pain after four years.

Call us at Williams Chiropractic & Decompression Center P.C. to schedule your chiropractic appointment at the hands of experienced and qualified doctors. We can help you with improved mobility, quality of life, and reduced pain. The studies back our methods and we care about each of our patients, so call us today at (336) 299-3037. We serve Greensboro and the surrounding areas with whole body chiropractic care for patients from all walks of life.


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